Shiny Tour 2018

Here is an account of my experience with The Shiny Tour 2018. I know many of you have read about this on Facebook already so sorry for the repeats. I need to add some Adventures With Avery in here one of these days too. The reason I am including these 4 Storytimes at once is mostly to keep them together while putting them into my blog, AND I needed to send out a test email anyway cuz I'm trying to see if the title of the email still says Shiny Sisters, cuz while I am indeed a Shiny Sister, that is not supposed to be the title of my emails and I don't know how to fix this so help me manifest a techy miracle if this arrives to your inbox as a message from the Shiny Sisters instead of Silver Lining Energy Healing or something more accurate. I don't care that the previous sentence was long and confusing.

Enjoy the Storytimes!

Storytime. I’m having a hard time finding the motivation to write this one due to the fact that it is a whopper and I want to do it justice. I’m especially good at journaling so I’ve decided my best bet is to make it all about me and tell about our Shiny UK event through my experience and perspective. It started with a lesson in manifesting before I even left home. I fly standby (I’m on the Marry Me And Fly For Free plan, thanks Lovey) and listed myself for a Wednesday night flight. My plan was to arrive a day early so I could acclimate to the time difference as I often have a hard time sleeping as it is. There were several 1st class seats available and I was sure I was on. But nope, the plane had filled up in record time. Who makes last minute plans to go to UK? I came back home wondering how I fucked up my vibration. I didn’t get angry and in fact enjoyed a nice peaceful evening getting super stoned on my porch and hung out with the moon and stars. I have learned that roadblocks are merely detours to get us on our best paths. Later in the week I had an opportunity to ask God about this and God said that the flight I listed for had sick people on it and in an effort to get me to my event and have the best time, I was rerouted to another germ free flight. I finally did arrive, a day later than planned. Jane picked me up from the train station and took me to her house where she had a gift for me. At last year’s event, she did a QHHT session with me and my Soul Self told me that splurging on overpriced avocados would be a lesson on how to value myself. I am sooo worth the extra coins and I now buy avocados all the time. When I got to Jane’s, she had a bag filled with them for me. (Now that I think about it, I still have two of them somewhere. My suitcase is either filled with guacamole by now or I’m in big trouble for bringing in produce from another country, or both.) We collected Chiho and Russ from their respective train stations and set off to Farley Court, which is a collection of 4 houses that we fill up for the week. We stopped for lunch and Russ treated, which became a common theme for the week, just as it was the year before. I felt spoiled by him. He bought me dinners and drinks, carried my suitcase, and even refused to let me pay him back for my train tickets. He did all the thinking and booked all our trains and rode with me. He made sure to get me to where I needed to be and when. He was equally generous with everyone but remember, this is all about me. I got him back and snuck a sack of loot and treasure in his bag when he wasn’t looking. When we arrived at Farley Court, the party was just starting. Russ busted out a bottle of some kind of fruity gin that smelled horrible but didn’t taste so bad and I matched him shot for shot, drinking out of egg cups. Alana was sure to document it with pictures for us. I had to hide my shots from Jackie L cuz she didn’t think I could handle so much alcohol. Neither did I but it was too late to care and I got hammered, something none of our group had ever witnessed. I was a happy obnoxious drunk that laughed a lot and invited everyone to feel the golf ball sized benign tumor below my ass cheek but I had no takers. Their loss. The next morning, by some miracle, I was hangover free and the official event began with Alison channeling gods and angels. The atmosphere in the “bahn”, aka barn, is cozy and rather than feeling as if we are in a gallery reading or classroom, it’s as if we are all just friends philosophizing and learning from one another. I am including those being channeled when I say We; AA Michael didn’t lecture, he listened, interacted, and discussed. All week long, Alison channeled a stellar line up. Erik, Michael, Raphael, Laurel, Fimiriella, Dorqet, Infinity, Kryon, Bashar, Jesus, Biggie, Tupac, Leonard Nemoy, Robin Williams, King Tut, Koko the gorilla, and more. At the end of the day, guess what I did: I got hammered again. The next day was another miraculous hangover free beginning. It was my turn to Shine and the Arch Angles challenged me to channel their Light Language. I was worried I’d fall back into my default setting and channel my husband’s Soul Self (so weird and funny to me) but I kept my lock on Michael. He made me cry and everyone held hands in a giant circle to help keep me grounded. Next was Raphael and I was relieved that it sounded distinctly different. I did it! Yay Me! Next, I demonstrated a mellow version of how I do healings in private, choosing a bad ass song that had nothing to do with that pussy new age relaxing bullshit. It was great! Afterwards, I walked around the room and let everyone feel the power flowing between my hands. This year, we invited our guests to demonstrate their own Shine, and Simon, aka Jack The Tripper, started by giving Alison a reiki session. He explained about the symbols, Dr. Usui, and other aspects of what goes into a reiki healing. Alison channeled that he was now ready to administer marconics and he gave sessions of each all week long. I can’t remember why but after my session, we named his magic powers Lemon Sherbet Surprise. It was as yummy as it sounds and my body lit up with electricity. Throughout the week, others took turns showing their stuff too. Nannette taught about being true to yourself and never compromising who you are just to fit inside someone else’s box. Together we learned about preferences and spent the week not judging but rather preferring or not preferring. I think many probably preferred we shut up about our preferring but we stayed true to ourselves and are still declaring our preferences. Don’t expect chronology in this account cuz I’m about to list a bunch of shit and chances are, it’s all out of order. Jane and Chilo did guided exercises on how to access past lives through meditation and visualization. They also practice marconics and I got me a piece of Jane’s marconic sparkles too. I went in deep and my right side twitched as if Volty were trying to climb inside me. Amanda took a shot at channeling Erik and did fantastic! Lovely confessed that she trance channeled a collective called Oneness. No one knew she could do this and it was such a treat to have that bonus. Oneness is another aspect of Abraham but rather than teach about manifesting, they taught about, you guessed it, Oneness. Over and over again, Homa surprised us with channeled validations of what Alison was channeling. He’s such a smarty pants! and one of my favorite people. He helped me do my laundry even! Ormsby was our resident therapeutic masseuse and I coveted my chance to get my turn as my neck was on fire. He worked me good and helped release much tension. That alone was worth the price of admission. I got spoiled by Dylan who fluffed my hair and made me his bitch. Anna, an American, rented a car and drove herself all around the country. I’m so incredibly impressed with that. How the fuck did she do that? Jackie L found her Shine and made love declarations to us all and we all lined up for a piece of her love. How often do I say these events are life changers? Always. Jackie A, our resident Fairy Den Mother had a birthday but it was she who brought me a gift, a beautiful opalite necklace that is so Very Kari. I love it and I love her. She’s so motherly and kind. She channeled a message from Gwenny Pig for me and I really needed a message specifically from her. I don’t think Jackie knows that part. Zofia got a message from Dolores Cannon and Sally channeled Doris Day. Our Doris taught me all about the important parts of football, like how handsome the Moroccan coach is. Go Team! Lauralei gave tarot readings and I got a great spread full of the major arcanas, starting with The Lovers. Oooh, sounds promising! One evening in the bahn, Alison did one of my favorite channelings. She connected us to each other through past and future lives. I was a housekeeper for Francis. She was a he and I loved him unconditionally and gave and gave and gave but he could never free his heart enough to love me back. I got feely and Francis and I had a big healing hug. I was also a galactic botanist 200 years in the future here on earth and worked with 3 others in the room, Russ, Sally, and Jackie A. We will be evolved enough to remember the night of this channeling and discovery. Alison was a dolphin. I knew it! Hee. We had one more mac daddy experience that blew me the fuck away. Godammit Paul! I can’t even remember it without getting teary! Paul channels Light Language too, but rather than “words” or images, he channels music. Leonard Cohen, with whom I’m not especially familiar, worked with Paul who instantly created a beautiful and flawless composition on the spot. (Leonard kept sneaking peeks and giving elevator eyes to Hot Pants Joanna and me; it seems he’s got a thing for the curvy girls, wink. See you astral for a little party you two.) Next, Paul channeled Gershwin, with whom I AM familiar and I burst out into a fresh batch of tears because it was clearly him and again, it was a flawless performance. One day, Paul will compose masterpieces so when you hear about the Shiny Symphony, remember this Storytime and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Paul’s music moves you. Michael was as sweet and attentive as ever. I love that man. He cooks and cleans and gets me high. Anything you need, go ask Michael. He is an essential part of Shiny UK and they run so smoothly because of him. One night, Simon made his famous chili, both meaty and veggie varieties, and another night, Homa got me to eat vegetarian curry something or other. I did not prefer accidentally thinking I was about to bite into yellow squash only to learn it was a cooked lemon. On the days we didn’t eat in, we went to the local pub and I jumped off my keto wagon in favor of having a crack at my UK favorite, fish & chips. Also, I got hammered again. I forgot all about paying my bill but of course, once again, Russ treated. That was the night I got in trouble for my XXXL sweatshirt and my apparently not so sexy bra. That was a funny night. The next day, we played energy games with the pendulums and Shiny Diviny rods. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to be outside. (It stays light until almost 11pm! The sun comes up at 3am!) We took a walk along the countryside and collected rocks to paint in the shade. Katherine painted one just for me. There’s a big ass owl story I’m not even gonna attempt but it was funny as fuck. Hot Pants Joanna painted an owl rock for Michael to commemorate the hilarity. Alison gave a lesson in automatic writing and we read our stories aloud. Some people meditated at night under the stars to call in the aliens to flash their lights at them. At last, the event was officially over, but not the fun. Amanda, Dani, Katherine, Sandra, Dylan, Nannette, and I walked across the street to an amusement park called Alton Towers. Every year I say I’m gonna go but every year, I don’t. This time I went. I loved it there and wanna go again next year. Maybe Russ won’t be such a big ‘fraidy cat and come ride rollercoasters with me next time, hehehehehe. There were two exceptional rides there. One was a VR rollercoaster, or rather a real rollercoaster in which you wear VR goggles and ohhhmigosh, I flew through portals all over the galaxy. It was bad ass. The other ride made me feel high. It was in what looked like a castle to me. They had converted a real live ancient building into an amusement ride that was slow moving but trippy on the eyes, giving the illusion and sensation of spinning around when in fact we only slowly swung back and forth. Katherine rode a roller coaster! It was the baby one but she cried cuz she had so much fun. Hahaha! Silly girl. We got wet on the water ride. It was a very preferential day. When we got back to Farley Court, the party was once again in motion and guess what I did: I got hammered. Russ had another bottle of that fruity gin and we polished it off, toasting Michael’s daughter Jade for being such a smarty pants in school. I want to take a minute to remind everyone: Do as I say, not as I do. Alcohol is a vibration killer but it was a week of miracles and I managed to pull a reverse response. The next morning, Simon took Russ, Nanette, Dylan and me to the train station. We rode for two hours preferring and not preferring many things. Nannette, like her son earlier in the week, fluffed my hair and made me her bitch. We had to switch trains in London but before we parted ways, we had one last meal together. Guess who treated again. I’m keeping him. We said our goodbyes, but it wasn’t so bad. I’ll see Alison and Michael in a few days, I’ll see Nannette next week, and Russ is gonna try and come for Stardust in October. I’m gonna buy us some fruity gin and get hammered with him and the aliens then take him to Pleasure Pier to ride rollercoasters. There it is, our week through my eyes. Every year I fall more in love with these people I call my soul family. We are a community that cares about and takes care of one another. I invite everyone to come Shine on either continent for a life changing and soul family making experience that will have you too coming back for more each year. If you don’t want to wait until next year’s UK event, you don’t have to. Shiny USA kicks off this weekend in Los Angeles and continues the following weekend in Houston. Come! Come meet your family.

The next Storytime isn't really an account of a Shiny event but still a significant experience during my tour so in it goes.

Storytime. I'm reluctant to start this one as well, but not for the same reasons as the big ass UK story. This time, my story is personal and while I've never been one to filter myself, there are other people involved. I got over any fears or considerations because I decided that anyone who contracted to know me also knew that a piece of their stories may end up in a Facebook feed or YouTube video. So, here goes. After leaving UK, I hopped on a train to Belgium for my annual visit to see Michaël. I never know what to expect, but this time would definitely differ than the others. If you've been following along, you'll know that he is a member of M6 and that I'm doing that Twin Flame Bullshit with him. Those that Wake Up often have a big ass catalyst to kick start their healing journey, such as the loss of a child or a near death experience. My path to healing and finding self love was through loving him, at least that’s how it would appear. In truth, he represented me and I was in a relationship with myself. Over and over, I'd fall in love with him, be rejected by him, become humiliated by his rejection, hate him, try to escape him, then, because I was glued to him, I was forced to get over it and forgive him. What I didn't realize was that I was actually hating then forgiving and accepting myself. Each time I experienced another Transmutation Bullshit Cycle, I'd purge whatever false belief I had at one time accepted as truth until I had healed enough to finish my inner-work on my own. I often say that my intensive healing journey felt as if I had compressed 40+ years of being broken into 3+ years of healing. I didn’t just heal for myself either, I took on some of his inner-work as well as for all of M6, and in fact, the whole planet. I was a human version of Hurricane Harvey helping to clean up centuries worth of shitty residual energies for us all. My emotions were concentrated, my joy, my love, my heartbreak, my devastation. I don't know how I'm still alive to tell about it but I'm glad I am cuz it seems as if my party's just about to begin. This year, I knew meeting him would be different as I had made my Big Surrender to God recently. Remember when I tasted the color pink a few months back? That was my sign that I had made it. My Surrender probably seems fairly anticlimactic; all I did was decide that I was worthy of so much more than he was able to give me. I was done being rejected and "broke up" with him, or rather, I broke up with my self-loathing and found my Shine at last. Twin Flame relationships are not romantic like the internet would have you believe. They are meant to challenge and propel you and you are often paired with someone that would make a traditional relationship near impossible. He's much younger than I am, he lives very far away, and we're both involved in other relationships. We're not meant to be together, we're meant to help each other grow and in our particular situation, it's me that needed the most help. It’s several days past that meeting now and I have yet to figure out exactly what I feel for him, but one thing is for sure, NO MORE OBSESSION. I am freeeee of that torture. I seem to feel a little irritated or even angry at him and I gotta admit, it sorta feels good. I was always afraid to be mad at him, I always feared losing him even though I never really had him, even though at the same time we'll keep each other forever in some capacity. It’s liberating to feel anger without fear. I am suspicious that my current feelings are meant to repel me so that I might spend some time discovering who I am apart from that attachment to him. We are both programmed to not stay angry at one another, it's impossible to stay mad, so I'll get over it soon enough and continue to sort my shit about him. M6 assure me we will be the best of friends one day. That's all I want. Remember my best superpower is recognizing my soul connections and no matter what the earth/human versions of us do or feel, I am so connected to Fairy Girl that I feel what she feels and she's nuts about his soul self, Mugërlo. What came as an unexpected consequence of our meet last weekend was meeting and liking his girlfriend Cindy. I used to have to put my hand over her face in pictures when I'd stalk his wall; seeing her was like daggers in my heart and would create waves of pain throughout my body. As I mentioned earlier, every emotion I experienced was concentrated and she broke my heart like no other. It was an exceptional heartbreak that took two years to heal from. Rather than healing and sorting my shit out with Michaël this trip, I instead did it with her, something I wasn’t sure I even needed to do but clearly did because I have. Meeting her humanized her. I never had a specific complaint, I didn't know anything about her other than that he gave the time he used to give to me to her. I was nervous to meet her and in fact didn’t want to. I was scared to fall apart and be a big baby. I was scared to see them together and get my heart stabbed with daggers again. But it was the only way I'd get to see him so I faced my fears and sucked it up, and am so glad I did. She went from being The Girl That Almost Murdered Me to Cindy, the girl that selflessly jumped in to serve as a caregiver to Margreth who needed help eating her lunch. Nothing touches my heart more than the kindness of strangers and her actions replaced my hurt and fear with gratitude in an instant. And even though I'm irritated with him, I get soft squishy feels for him taking care of Margreth too; he was her horsepower and rolled her through the city. Besides Michaël, Cindy, and Margreth, Gail aka Grasshopper too came to lunch. Unbeknownst to her, inside I was clinging to her as if she were my best friend who had my back in case anything got too feely for me to handle, but I worried for nothing and the 5 of us had a really nice time. I wasn’t sure if I was representing Shiny or Stardust or CE or possibly even a bit of JoyRide cuz I gave one of Tiffanie's tattoos to Grasshopper; I seem to have at least my toes dipped in each. We closed down the restaurant after lunch and took a walk through the park, along the marina, and to a museum that had an amazing view of the "City of Belgium" (hehe) from several stories above. It was a hot day and since I was still off the keto wagon from my fish & chips in UK, I chose to have a fourth cherry beer. Cheers! We sat around talking some more until it was time to say our goodbyes. Margreth had traveled two hours by train for this party and I was so happy to see her and her pink braid once again. We swapped a few Spaceman stories before her caregiver came to retrieve her and take her home. The rest of us gave a group hug, then Cindy and Michaël went one way and Grasshopper and I went another. I burst into tears and confided in my temporary best friend how strange that was for me and how relieved I was to have the spell broken at last. "Do you need a hug?" She asked. "Not yet." We walked around awhile, heading in the general direction of where we needed to be. At some point, she was to turn right while I was to turn left so we said another goodbye. Those that came that day seemed especially grateful for the outing and like-minded company and I encouraged them all to meet up again and talk spirit shop together. Someone was missing that day, and I gotta confess, I was glad about it. Emma was to come but it was Gerald's birthday and she was unable to make it. As with part one of this Storytime, I was reluctant to share about this but I chose to do so anyway because I am a finder of silver linings and I hope to inspire others with the lessons I learn. When all that crazy controversial shit went down with Emma and Elisa, I was privy to it all, as were others. I always say that The Universe doesn't waste opportunities and that the situation included lessons for us all. For me, I brought in a filter of feeling as if I were expected to choose one person I loved over another, a situation my mom often put me in. When I didn't take her side, she’d leave me, sometimes for months or years in a row. It didn't matter which of the two women I chose to project my fears onto, but this time it was Emma, probably only because of proximity and nothing else. I thought by choosing the path of least resistance I was doing myself a favor. I thought I was cutting trouble out of my life but in fact, I was letting past fears influence me and keeping me from someone I love, two someones in fact cuz I'm so in love with Emma’s mama. She's my Moppy. I had planned on spending my last day abroad relaxing but changed my mind and asked the people in the group chat I created if anyone had a suggestion for a scenic train ride to anywhere. Emma invited me to go see her and it took about 5 minutes for me to decide that my fears can fuck off, I wanted my Moppy and my friend back. What I didn't even realize is that in my mind, I was accusing Emma of not knowing me better and trusting our friendship to be true while doing that very thing right back to her. I should have known we're tighter than what went down before. It was a classic case of projecting my shit onto another. I hopped on a train, excited to reunite with yet more members of my soul family. Everything I feared fell away the moment they zipped around the corner to fetch me. We walked through a shopping area and in one store, I looked over at the two of them and saw they were deciding on whether or not they needed to buy a cute floppy fuzzy stuffed pink elephant and I said, "Hi ADam!" Next, Moppy treated us to lunch (and cherry beers) while the three of us played catch up and swapped stories. After our meal, we walked around Emma’s home town of Kortrjick to see some sites. The sun sets late there this time of year so I was able to stay and play for a several hours, but I got tired and had a long day of traveling the next day. They drove me back to the train station and admonished me for getting blubbery with tears but I couldn’t help it; I was so glad to have reconnected and to have forgiveness in my heart. It wasn't Emma I needed to forgive so I forgave the hurt and filter that was created by my experiences with my mom so that I might not be kept unnecessarily from those I love again. The next day, The Universe gifted me with a first class seat on one of those big ass fancy ass planes where I spent hours doing my write up about Shiny UK. I am now on my way (in coach, dammit) to Shiny LA as I document this Storytime. I left Belgium healed of hurts and with lessons under my belt. Not only did I learn the lessons I just described, having had those two instances back to back where I successfully faced my fears, I also learned that my choices to move forward rather than play it safe were the way to go in my evolution. I often feel like M6 are up in their cloudy clubhouse together watching The Earth Channel, shoving popcorn into their mouths and enjoying the show. Our lives and situations seem so crazy from a 3D perspective but when you look from a higher place, the Crazy makes sense. This day, I felt like M6 were applauding me for creating my own happy ending. Someone's got to, wink. I came home more whole than when I left. After a sneaky greeting from my babies, (they pretended to be asleep in my bed then shouted "SURPRISE!") I stripped down to climb on the scale, ready to accept the consequences of my carbohydrate intake. Would you believe I actually lost 3 more lbs.? I love a good miracle and my trip to Europe was full of them.

The next Storytime is about Shiny LA.

FINALLY, I am ready to tackle Shiny LA. I’m still recuperating and slothy so I’m not sure what’s gonna come out yet. Like my other Storytimes, this one will be a personal account of my experience in California. If you were there, I invite you to share a significant moment in the comments below. Tag yourselves in photos. It started with Sara and me stopping off at my old stomping grounds, Marina Del Rey, for a quick and fruitful visit with our friend Jujudy. After two missed flights and hours of sitting, it was nice to walk around in the sunshine for a bit. I then took Sara to Tito’s, a taco stand around the corner from where I used to live with my grandma. I was so happy about this cheat in my keto plan that I shoved not one but two tacos into my mouth. It was a bit of a challenge cuz I did it while battling rush hour traffic on the 10 freeway in downtown LA. (I found a bunch of lettuce and cheese in my bra later, scooped it out, and ate it. Is that wrong? It was Tito’s…) After being rerouted a few times by my Google Robot Lady, hours later, we ended up on a strange dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Some of the houses were nice enough while others were shanties. At a dead end, we turned left, went up a hill, and there it was, Jesus’ house. It was a stunner! The view, the grounds, the architecture. Unfortunately, some of it seemed less than clean, like the oven, and many beds were missing linens. There were record breaking temperatures for that area, 111°. One of the 4 AC units just shut down and 3 of the upstairs bedrooms were hot as fuck. I was in communication with the homeowner and he did his best to rectify both situations, but the results were less than satisfying. Those affected by the shortcomings were understanding and accommodating, and for that I am very grateful. The event was both similar and different to the others in that as usual, Alison channeled and delivered messages while I demonstrated the power of thoughts and intentions. What was different is the collective vibe of the people and location of each place. I am only just learning the significance of places, but I’ll share about that in my account of Shiny Houston. It is my belief that people go where they’re supposed to go and while many had a choice between cities, they ended up in the company they fit best in. Friendships were formed, connections were made. Alison channeled Buddha, Mary Magdalen, AA Michael, Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper and more. I channeled Light Language from Gandhi. Alison taught how to do automatic writing and I demonstrated how to use divining tools and energy to connect with Spirit. Sara Kujawa spoke about her work on Doing Grief Differently with ADam, her son in spirit. She also discussed Reiki and had some fun exercises for us as well as prepare our meals. Michael was off the hook for kitchen duties, but try keeping that man from helping. Never mind, you can’t. That’s just who he is, he’s sweet like that. As with each Shiny event, lives were changed, including mine. Many tears were shed and darknesses were brought to light. Shit got real for some people and there was a true sense of camaraderie and sisterhood. We had a couple guys there to balance all the girly shit and our group felt like a family reunion in the making. I was still pretty over stimulated from Europe and looked forward each night to sitting in solitude outside my bedroom on the wrap around porch to stare at the stars, get high, and reflect. It was a knockout view, beautiful enough to risk coming back next year despite the problems from this year. On our last night there, Sara and I were so fucking exhausted we were delirious. Everything was too funny. We were roomies and I told her I’d be back soon cuz I wanted another piece of that mac daddy massage chair downstairs in one of the living spaces. I climbed in and must have wedged myself just so because this time I had a different experience than before. Do you remember Avery saying that I like my feet and legs fooled around with? It’s true. Energy sex isn’t always about the sexy bits. Getting my legs energetically massaged is the biggest turn on and I crack up at my sexy talk. “Pull my legs Baby, make me feel good.” The massage chair began to mimic what he does and I got so hot and bothered. He became my focus and immediately he showed up and I had the best of both worlds. It was AMAZING! I was electric with him. That alone is reason to book that house again. I got so filled up with him that I began to silently bawl my brains out and hoped none of the passersby noticed. It was late and people were settling in for the night so I powered down my alien sex robot fuck chair and went upstairs to find Sara getting ready to turn in. We ended up in the kid room with murals painted in a Texas desert plains landscape complete with cacti, tumbleweeds, and horses. I had our bathroom light on just to see where we were going but we were both too tired to turn it off and decided whoever woke up for a potty break first could do it later. I told her about Avery and the alien sex robot fuck chair and we had a good laugh. Then I half joked, “I think Avery’s still here. I think I’m still having sex.” Because we were delirious, we both giggled. I’m not sure she believed me or not but luckily, she fell asleep before she could hear my involuntary whimpering. I guess she couldn’t cock block his astral self as she and the Sarsahr women did his fleshy self in Vegas, hee. Maybe it’s time to start getting my own room, wink. The next day, everyone chipped in to do basic cleaning, which I appreciate. We said our goodbyes and see you next years and one by one, we drove back down the hill through the dirt road neighborhood that felt very much like driving in small town Mexico. After landing back in Texas, I dropped Sara off, then made my way home for a few hours of rest and family time while I waited for Alison and Michael’s flight to touch down next.

And lastly, Shiny Houston, at my house.

Here it is, the final installment of my account of The Shiny Show Tour 2018. This last event was held in my very own home, in Spring Texas. I’ve got a few of these things under my belt by now and because of that, I sometimes worry that people will get bored doing the same thing, even though for most, it’s a first time experience. But the truth is, there are no two Shiny events alike, repeat activities or not. Each has its own feel to it. This one was special to me because I got to have some of my local friends attend, like Mama Elisa, Tiffanie from JoyRide, Denise from CE, and of course, Sara who executed yet another successfully catered weekend, including homemade cookies, a potato bar, fajitas, and more. There was one other local special guest: my girl Layla, who acted as my assistant. I’ve been told she will follow in my footsteps, including YouTube videos, and this weekend was a clear indication of her interest in spirituality as she stayed for the entire event. All we gotta do is get her to speak once in a while. At this point, she’s as quiet as Starfairy, but I’ve got Nannette working with her. Those two became fast friends. (Mini side story: she’s a magnificent artist and Alison got a sense of the paintings she will be selling online one day. I’m such a pre proud mommy!) As for our channeled guests, Mary had such a good time in California that she came back to party some more out in Texas. Next to visit was our boy Erik. This time I didn’t get accidentally greedy by stealing the first hug, as that honor should always belong to Elisa. (Sorry I took cuts last year in New Braunfels, Mama. I got too excited.) Alison also channeled AA Michael and one final guest: my house! It was a lesson on consciousness. I think it was Alison’s brilliant and sneaky way of introducing my husband to a new way of thinking, but we all reaped in the benefits of my house’s wisdom. She called herself Joy and said that while we admire her very much as a thing, we do not honor and love her as a protector and keeper of family. She suggested that each time we cross the threshold of her entryway that we take a moment to send her love and gratitude in a more personal way and in doing so, we will begin to notice a difference in the energy we create within her. Who knew? Once the questions became more sophisticated, my house’s source, Gaia, answered so we got a piece of her too. Alison gave a lesson on automatic writing while I instructed about manifesting and energy work. Sara shared about her work with her son in spirit, ADam, and their group Doing Grief Differently, in which she teaches that death is but a mere transition and that relationships can continue in new ways. Linda Hack was another featured guest and it was she who delivered the mystery surprise promised by AA Michael: a personal Light Language transmission for each guest. I love the picture of my husband observing from the balcony above. We also had another featured guest, Caroline McClemore, who demonstrated and channeled Holy Fire Reiki. Doesn’t that sound exciting?! It was actually quite peaceful and effective as we lost a few participators to a quick snooze. Alison and I both appreciate the contribution and variety our featured guests provide and we thank you. To Denise: thank you for the custom Shiny Kari & Alison cookies and napkins. I especially appreciate the wink from Audie. I invited the entire world to come to the after party on Saturday but only a dozen or so people came and it began to wind down after a few hours. We went to bed early in preparation for the final day, which ended in the ever popular intuitive rock painting. Then, the inevitable fucky part of the event: the goodbyes. I found a loophole here for I am actively manifesting that they all come back and bring their friends next year so rather than say goodbye, I copy the French and say until next time. Thank you to those who brought food and drink and special thanks to those that bragged about my magnificence to my husband. That was great! Thank you for all the gifts, and that goes to all the Shiny event attendees all over cuz Alison and I scored some bad ass loot wherever we went, HOORAY! The next day, I woke up at the ass crack of dawn, not so bright eyed nor busy tailed, to take Alison and Michael (who has earned props again for being an invaluable helper even though he’s supposed to relax in America) to the airport. Another au revoir cuz goodbye sucks. The next day, I drove my last guest, Linda, to the airport and after saying my last au revoir, I began a weeklong meltdown on the way home. I hadn’t been keeping up with my regular processing for a month at this point and I short circuited in a big way, but that’s another story for another day. THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE that came or showed support by wanting to come (keep manifesting that shit) to any and all of our events this year. UK was amazing and I left a piece my heart there this year, then it exploded in Jesus’s house in California. Maybe it was that alien sex robot fuck chair, maybe it was the view outside my bedroom door. I felt pride and gratitude at being able to show off my fancy ass home in Texas and I give credit and thanks to my husband Robert for that, with thanks to my whole crew, even Mama Cat, for opening their home, Joy, to our Shiny guests.

Let’s do it all again next year! Who’s in?

Tag yourselves in the photos. Not everyone wants their friends and families to read about my alien sex robot fuck chair.

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