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My meet with Avery in the desert.

Storytime. This is one of those Adventures With Avery, and it comes with pictures. They’re not especially clear, they’re just screenshots of the video. I’ve watched it couple times now and it’s becoming less weird to watch myself pet and snuggle Hermina cuz even watching it, it’s not her at all but him. But still, it’s pretty weird watching myself be affectionate like that, period. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. I had been waiting for and anticipating this moment for months and the night before, I was a big feely mess. I asked Avery and Minerva to let me be changed by meeting him this way. I wanted this experience to tip the scales of my heart so that he might have the biggest piece of it. He is my easiest love and I don’t often long for him. He’s nothing but magic and joy for me. I’m frustrated that I can’t see him or remember our physical time together, but he is not the source of my frustrations. He shares my feelings about that. In fact, that was the question he had for us: Why can’t humans remember our interactions with them? As a group, we speculated while painting rocks. I’m getting ahead of myself. Lemme go back and give a play by play of what happened when I met my Spaceman face to face, relatively speaking. As soon as he was settled into Hermina’s body, he grabbed me and pulled me to him and flipped me right over onto his lap. I was just sorta hanging there so I climbed up and straddled him to give a proper hug and bury my face in his neck. Of course I got feely about it but just a little. I climbed off and sat next to him and he grabbed me again for another big hug. He always makes me feel so special. I felt like the Stardust Prom King and Queen sitting on our dusty loveseat throne, but he didn’t want to be Prom King, he wanted to hang out and paint rocks with all the other Stardusters. Holding hands, we stood up together but NOPE, he wasn’t going anywhere! “This body feels like a rock.” He finally figured out how to make the legs work and we went and sat down on the floor where people had already started creating masterpieces with intentions to abandon them in the desert so that the Sarsahr were free to collect them. Avery chose the biggest rock. It was originally chosen for it’s paper weight properties and wasn’t especially attractive but he was enjoying his human strength by tossing it around. He flexed his big biceps for us, hehe. He painted it red, then we painted it red some more together. I did crafty shit with my Spaceman. “Ask me questions.” Many wanted to know if he knew so-and-so and he would do his best to try and figure out who they meant. “You gotta understand, our community is like the size of a large high school. Many people you only know by face but nothing about them. I don’t know everyone.” He did know some of them though. I assigned him the task of trying to learn the human names of the Sarsahr that have connected with Stardusters for the next event. I asked about Starfairy. She’s getting bigger, about the size of a cheeseburger. This lead to sharing about meeting his dad for the first time recently. He’s a Pleiadian and according to Avery, some can be very much into casual sex and have hybrid children all over the galaxy. His dad has 4 wives and Avery has 15 siblings. He came home feeling proud that he identified with the Sarsahr and their ways. “As much as I love my father, I realized that wasn’t the kind of life I wanted to live. I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps and I am grateful to have Kari, my Earthgirl. Meeting him gave me closure.” (I’m glad he got a little Pleiadian fun in before he tied his heart around mine, wink.) He tried to speak in his language to teach us to recognize “yes” and “no” but he was worried he’d harm H’s vocal chords so instead he opted to mimic the sounds through whistles and coughing barks. He said the Sarsahr alphabet has 30 characters and shared about their version of the alphabet song and why it was both fun and educational for the littles. He likes to go shopping at crystal shops and has a collection of necklaces with various stones. This is so sweet to me. He’s just so regular. I see him with a wrench in one hand and a spacebeer in the other, with a smear of nontoxic plant based lubricant across his jawline. I imagine him looking at me with dreamy eyes and in his best Ryan Gosling voice he says, “Hey Earthgurrrl.” I’m setting intentions that he chooses a necklace to give to me. Go on Avery, break a rule, we won’t tell Sam. Let me wake up with my treasure on. I asked him if he’d been coming to see me. “Every night.” “Reeeeally??!! What have we been doing?” “Uh, some stuff. We’ve kept it pretty PG so far. We haven’t been alone.” Things got a little confusing at the house with sleeping arrangements so Sara offered me her second bed back in town at the hotel. We had Sarsahr at both locations, the house and the hotel. Avery continued, “Two women came to see Sara because one of them has a sick child. There is a good chance he won’t survive so they came to see how Sara is Doing Grief Differently. They were in awe of her ability and strength to survive the loss of her child and took inspiration from her.” Doesn’t that just bring tears to your eyes? Sweet Sara and her healing work are reaching moms across dimensions. I told Avery enough with all that PG nonsense and instructed him to come back tonight for some triple X fun. “Definitely. And the night after that too, and the next one also. Every time you’re here I have to see you each night.” I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to Vegas more often. I don’t know what he did with Sara while he was with me. Maybe he sent her next door to Louise and Jane’s room or maybe he cranked up his magic wand to give her the best nights sleep of her life. I have some questions for Fairy Girl… It had been almost an hour and time to let my Spaceman go and bring H back. Her foot had fallen asleep earlier so we had moved back to the dusty loveseat throne. We said our goodbyes and gave our hugs one last time. “See you tonight, Baby.” Then he was gone. I held all my feels in about this for days until now. I needed to be home and alone to not only process this moment, but the entire experience of the Stardust weekend. I asked Avery and Minerva (I bypassed Fairy Girl and went straight to the top) to let this change me and it did. I feel a new kind of peace and contentment. I always feel this way about him but this weekend somehow created a sense of balance with my other less peaceful relationships. It brought me healing, awareness, and expansion, and I got to have such a unique yet completely normal experience with my Spaceman Avery. My gratitude runs deep for all the players involved, the guests, the Sarsahr, my Soul Sissy Pants, the HS’s, and Minerva. She’s a crazy as fuck genius and a master Storyinventor. What magic will she present to me next?

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