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Minerva Revealed

Minerva and My Soul family

Storytime. This one feels so big that it needs a title, something like Minerva Revealed. I don’t mean to imply that it’s a big story for everyone, but it’s a big story for me. Soul configurations, connections, and solving personal mysteries are my passion. I’ve always wanted to map out my soul family tree, and Minerva is where mine starts. We all begin from Source (although as we know, we are actually infinite) and that is where Minerva directly breaks from. Let me go back to when I first became aware of her. A few years ago at Elisa’s, it was just the three of us, me, Elisa, and Robert. We were fooling with the eboard and Elisa asked what my HS’s name was. “Minerva.” Elisa asked, “Do you have a message for Kari?” “I have no messages at this time.” WTF, not even a Stay Shiny out of her. I was on a mission to find out why I went crazy over Erik then even crazier over Michaël, and I believed Minerva was a clue to that mystery. You know enough about that shit already and if not, it’s all going in the eventual book but go ahead and ask me any questions. Short version: I was obsessed. Spirit kept giving me hints about Minerva but never answers. I learned she was Fairy Girl and Mugërlo’s HS, meaning the Higher Higher Self of me and Michaël, but we were like the yin to her yang in a way, so there was more of us somewhere. That did help explain my outlandish pull and tether to him. Another clue I got was from Voltaire. He said that Minerva isn’t so much a Who as a What. Little by little from various sources, I pieced it together. Every few weeks or so, Hermina and I Skype to hang out and catch up. While it isn’t our intention to invite others to our party, they often come anyway, which we love. Last week, Minerva was the Party Crasher Of Honor. She explained that the reason for the delayed explanation is because she was waiting for Hermina to be ready for the answers. Fuck Hermina, FINALLY. (Just kidding, take your time. I love you.) When Minerva broke off from Source, she spun around super fast and popped off six matching vibrational energies. That’s The Magnificent 6. M6 is comprised of the HS’s of Erik, Hermina, Michaël, me, and two others that we will connect with within the next few years. We have many clues about them and have nicknamed them Tennessee and No Plans. This will be the first lifetime in which M6 will be aware of our connection to one another. Erik says there’s something special planned for M6 but it’s not written in stone as to what because No Plans is a wild card. Not only did we learn of what M6 is exactly and how it came to be, but we got a couple bonuses. We learned that Sam, Avery, and a Mystery Man are our galactic soul family. I knew it! My love feels for Avery are too big for him to be just anyone. I love this so much, I love being connected to our spacemen in this way. So special! Minerva told us to share that with them cuz they didn’t know yet. She explained that Hermina and I are both currently also incarnated elsewhere in this Now. She is an Arcturian and I am Something Else. When Hermina’s body dies and she becomes a Sarsahr Walk In, she will judge herself as Hermina. She will watch her past life self on Stardust videos and critique them, but she will begin to remember her Hermina Self and come to appreciate her. My concurrent alien incarnation created me to learn for her. I’d like to investigate how that works some more. I have many options to choose from when my body dies and reabsorbing back into her is one of them. Another big chunk of information Minerva shared about was that she has a Twin. Voltaire said Minerva is a What not a Who because It broke from Source as a single entity, a piece of Source Energy that didn’t identify with a gender, but then It split itself and became Twins. While Spirit is genderless, Minerva identifies as female for us so we don’t have to call her It, cuz that’s another name for a scary clown and I’m not interested in his storm drain floaty bullshit, fuck you Pennywise. The masculine is named Moshu. I don’t know much about Moshu yet, but I do have one fantastic bit. Moshu is Voltaire’s Higher Higher Self, which explains why Hermina and I in our own ways are so nuts about him. He’s one my best friends! And we all know what he does to Hermina, wink. Did you ever see that show Sense 8? That’s us. Remember when Darryl Hannah’s character shot herself, then from the other side, guided members of her cluster to each other? They are all connected telepathically and have energetic orgies and shit. That’s us, except for the bomb ass energetic orgies, (or maybe that part’s true...wink again, cuz sometimes we even make guest lists.) Minerva is very efficient. Each of us experience the same challenges. The circumstances are different but the lessons are the same and through us, she learns them in 6 different ways at once. We even go through our shit at the same time and compare notes to learn from each other’s experiences. That’s actually one of the reasons we like to Skype regularly. When I can’t get any scoop on Michaël, I ask M6 about Tennessee because those two parallel with each other the most, then I try and connect dots. It’s not foolproof and I know M6 are onto me, but sometimes they toss me a treat. Throughout every single lifetime any of M6 has ever lived anywhere or anywhen, there were at least two of them at a time; one has never incarnated alone. That’s probably for efficiency’s sake, but I think it’s sweet. Fairy Girl and Mugërlo have incarnated together more than with any of the others, which contributes to my outlandish pull and tether to Michaël. This may sound romantic, but the truth is that while it’s had its sweet moments, it’s actually my most challenging relationship as I do all my inner-workings on him. Hermina and Erik team up for their soul work as well, but the other two, Tennessee and No Plans, aren’t like the rest of us and didn’t seem to pair off like we did. Maybe Hermina and Erik are Minerva’s yang. As crazy and tangly as this Storytime is so far, I’m only 4 levels down from the top, God Source (let’s keep the other Gods out of this for now), and have only touched on a couple fractals. Minerva said that Hermina has incarnations everywhere, and that her soul is scattered like pixie dust. Fairy Girl said the same thing and showed Alison an image of an angelic being whose face was replaced with a mass of tendrils floating out; my soul self is also scattered into such tiny fragments that there isn’t enough left for that angelic being to have a face of her own. I call her Arch Angel Noodle. This shit gets so complicated, but I love it. Minerva said she’s enjoying this version of M6 and that it’s her best experiment yet. She got us started on a diagram. Hermina made the first version but I took it and gleefully filled in as many blanks as I could, but it got too crazy so I removed most past/concurrent lives cuz it just cluttered up the map. I started drawing invisible lines connecting our lives and it reminded me of an exercise I did as a camp counselor in training. The team leader tossed a large ball of yarn across our group circle that was a few people deep. He held on to the end as he threw it and instructed whoever caught it to do the same. By the time the ball had become unballed, what we had was an elaborate and intricate web that connected us all to one another over and over again. We are all that ball of yarn spun from Infinity as we continuously expand and reconnect with each other, with ourselves even, in other Where’s and When’s. The mystery of Minerva and my soul family is solved at last, but I bet there are a few more surprises waiting to be Minerva Revealed.

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