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Updates For Shiny Events On Both Sides Of The Pond

Hey Everyone. I wanted to send out a quick update on what's going on with The Shiny Sisters and our and live and in person events.

First off, Alison had to rent a FOURTH cottage in the UK for our September event, doubling our turnout from last year. There are just a few spots left so don't miss out. I mean it! Hurry, I wanna see you there.

Second, our Sin City event in May is selling as well, woot! Saturday was so popular. it sold out but nobody cared about that and continued to buy tickets anyway. I panicked but God helped me secure a larger space and I appreciate that so much. I decided that as long as I put in the effort, God is gonna help make it happen; this is Her gig too and she's not gonna allow anyone to be left out or squished. Thanks God. But hurry and buy your tickets anyway just in case...

We are having fun and success with our Shiny Show Auctions. People continue to donate and bid on items and services; it's fun! Thanks for all those who have participated. Many have donated through the Go Fund Me account, or directly to my PayPal, account Because of you, I think we just might be able to get some super Skype friendly computers and software so we can all have a more satisfying Shiny Show experience. THANK YOU!

I have one last reminder. We are also hosting a Learn It LIve event, Return To Innocence in mid April. Alison will be channeling God while I field questions. Sign up at Once registered, you can submit questions to my email address,

I hope to see each and everyone of you at one of these events. Stay Shiny!!

(Omigosh, I still don't know how to create links. Use your mad copy & paste skills. I'll have Alison give me a link lesson in Vegas. <3)

MARCH 29, 2017



CE And UK Shiny Retreat!

One day last week, I woke to a message from Alison. “When’re you gonna be in Belgium?” Emanuelle had invited me to teach at her CE event this year, how exciting! Of course I’ll never pass up an opportunity to visit Belgium, wink. “September 9th.” She asked, “Can you meet me in UK the following weekend and stay for a whole week and do a Shiny Event?” I said, “Sure!” Next thing I know, she’s got it all planned out and has sold half the tickets! So, I am both happy and surprised to announce that the Shiny Sisters are returning to UK this summer to do it all again, but this time, we’ve added a few names to the marquee. Not only will this be a Channeling Erik event, but we will also be visited by several Archangels and SOURCE! What a line up! Expect a prank or two from Our Andy as well. When the weekend is over we invite everyone to stick around and tag along as we tour castles and other mysterious places to look for a little trouble to get into, just enough. We so enjoyed sending Jonathan from The Woodpecker Inn back Home. We have rented the same place as before, the cottages in Farely, but added a third unit to accommodate more guests and give everyone a little more elbow room. Last year was AMAZING and I expect nothing less this year. Interested in the UK event? Click Alison’s link for more information.

I hope to see many of last years attendees as well as meet new ones. See ya in the UK!

Now, a little Storytime. It’s actually kind of a long, tangly, and pretty personal Storytime, but I’m gonna try and curb all of that. Remember when I was blue on Shiny and AA Lucifer zapped me good? He also said he was gonna come work with me. I thought that meant he was gonna squeeze my heart chakra that night and I practically primped for my date with, well, the Devil, hehe. I went under real quick but I couldn’t connect, or I got stood up or something cuz there was no heart chakra squeezing going on. It did not take me long however to become suspicious that he was in fact around. Strange things started happening. My oldest boy Josh lashed out at his little sister Layla. This had never happened before and I was unsure of how to handle it. The outburst opened a dialog that was long over due in my family. Following that was a series of synchronistic events that reinforced the original message. It was crazy! It was undeniably Lucifer. Other things happened too. I got in a huge fight with my favorite M6'er soulmate, Michaël. We never ever fight, ever. We didn’t really fight, I just got really mad at him for an entire week then let him know afterwards that we were done fighting. He didn’t actually participate, he didn’t actually know we were fighting until I really let him have it and told him all about it. I even had a misunderstanding with Alison that got me all flustered and feeling unsure of myself. But the whole time, I knew what was happening. I had so much uncharacteristic disharmony in my life. Lucifer was shaking my shit up and helping me claim my power. I had to be put into positions of needing to be assertive. It didn’t matter who the conflict was with or what it was about, I needed opportunities interact with my significant people so I could overcome the fear of it. Life becomes so much easier when you learn to roll with it and find the silver linings in sticky situations. I am such a lucky girl to get the messages I do; it helps me recognize a lesson while it’s happening. Not only did I feel the blast Lucifer gave me on Shiny, Alison told me he was sending it and that he was gonna stick around a while. I got further validation when Heather Quinto trance channeled my Higher Self, Fairy Girl. She said she specifically called on him for help. I got an opportunity to talk to Robert Burke at Elisa’s and Erik confirmed that all this recent strife of mine was in fact a big shake up to help me claim my power. I feel a distinct difference between Before and After Lucifer. He is truly a liberator of self-imposed prisons and I am very grateful to him for helping me shed some old beliefs. If you’re feeling stuck in a situation and don’t know how to break free of it, call on Lucifer for help. Thank you Lucifer. ♡

Here's just a little more biz. We are still collecting Shiny donations in order to purchase better recording equipment and software; it's time to step this party up a notch so everyone can hear us both clearly and evenly. If you would like to be a helping facilitator, here is the link to donate: Thank you for your support.

PS: I don't know yet how to make my links linky, so copy and paste until I master that trick. <3

MARCH 02, 2017



Shiny Does God In Sin City

I feel like I need a mini blog to introduce my blog. I'm in Vegas right now at the fancy-ass Rio and by lucky coincidence, so are The Chippendale Men! How convenient. I have a story about Chippendale's that took place in '88 at the original club on Overland Blvd in Los Angeles when I was, you guessed it, 17... Sorry, got lost in thought for a minute. So here I am checking shit out. I went by the Wyndham and saw the room we are to channel Source from and while it'll be a little cozy, we'll fit fine. Tomorrow I'm going on both a ghost and mobster tour as a location scout for The Shiny Show. I'm still on the lookout for a little trouble. Below is the same Storytime I guest blogged for Alison's site, with a few updates.

Storytime! I have some very exciting news! Alison is coming to America! Can you believe that? We couldn’t either but its happening and it’s happening soon. Both of us have received messages that she is to come out west in the Spring of 2017. Justin Schmoyer in a reading said to me, “Whatever plans you two make in the next few months will come to fruition in April or May.” Alison got similar messages from her guides, including Erik, about traveling to America.

If that weren’t enough validation, a third message came through for yet another person, Sahar. I met Sahar last summer at the CE UK event. She lives in Germany; this is becoming an international endeavor, a multiversal endeavor! Sahar is a huge Shiny Show fan and with the help of Erik and other guides, she is using her connections with a Las Vegas production company to set us up for some on-location Shiny Shows. Alison and I LOVED meeting and helping Jonathan from The Woodpecker Inn of her hometown of Todmorden find his way Home. We are hoping to continue with that kind of satisfying and beautiful work. We’d also like to hit up some hot spots, maybe check in with some OOG’s, Original Original Gangsters. We’ve got some surprises in store and some aces up our sleeves.

Are you ready for the best part? We have decided that as long as we are together in America that we ought to organize some kind of Shiny event so that’s just what we’ve done. We will be hosting 3 mind blowing days of CHANNELING SOURCE ENERGY, spirit tours, workshops, and healings this May 12th, 13th 14th. Mark your calendars.

How are we gonna make this happen? How are we gonna raise the money to get her here? I’ll tell you how. YOU’RE gonna help. We are hoping to raise most of the money through ticket sales to “Shiny Does God In Sin City”. For those that cannot join us in Vegas, your contributions will go towards the on-location Shiny episodes that we wouldn’t be able to fund without your support. I have a few fun ideas for ways that you can help contribute to history being made and I am especially excited to help confused souls find their way Home; it makes me feel like a superhero, maybe like Super Rainbow Skittle Girl. It may feel as though you, through your donations and we through our time and effort, are being helpful by assisting souls cross over, but the amount of love, gratitude, insights, and Shiny entertainment such an event provides, it is all of us that truly receives.

I am asking you all, our Shiny family, Shiners and Shinettes, to help raise the money needed to get this venture going. And it’s only the beginning. The Shiny Show can’t do anything but expand and grow and I invite everyone to help us get this party started.

I had no idea what kind of money we would need but Sahar has that kind of brain and after figuring in travel expenses, equipment, and while we got a deal, there are still production costs to consider. I believe this is our next step, and while slightly intimidating, I am ready to step out of my comfort zone and into adventurous expansion. Justin said my guides advise me to “always say yes.”

Justin also asked me if I were experimenting with manifesting a big $10,000 payout. Uh, nooooo, I was not but that got my gears turning and I started playing my favorite game, Psychic Clue, to try to figure out the source of this money. My dad won a big jackpot in Vegas a few months back (Vegas, hah!) and told me he was gonna give me a big Christmas check. I thought, “Wow! My Daddy is gonna gimme ten grand!” Christmas has come and gone. I got the big check, but it was nowhere near $10,000. Dammit! Hehe. ♡ But then DING DING, the tumblers fell into place and the lock opened. Alison and I Skyped with Sahar and she said, “So, to begin, we need to find a way to manifest $10,000.” Hah! Justin Schmoyer, you’re soooo good.

So far, we’ve got not much more than big dreams and a desire to make those dreams true and with your love, good vibes, and dollars, we can make it all come together. You have been so supportive of us all along. I feel so blessed. I started this journey just a few years back as a stay-at-home mom, and while I gratefully still hold that title, I am also expanding in my role as a Spiritual Pioneer and with my partner and soulmate Alison, we’re ready to take on worlds. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey.

Ways to donate

Auctions: Some of our Shiny friends have offered to donate their goods and services to help raise money. Watch our weekly shows and check out our pages to see what's up for bidding next. The first round begins with an opportunity to be on Shiny with Erik and an opportunity to win one of Deb Brown's beautiful orgonite pyramids. I've already received big bids on both, YES! Auctions will go for 1-2 weeks from Sunday to Saturday, US. Winners will be announced on Shiny Chat. Keep checking the links as more options may become available and don't be surprised if we try something different midway cuz we're us and that's how we roll.

Donate Services: You too can contribute a service to be auctioned off. (Exposure for you…! Contact me.)

T-shirt Incentives: With every $60 donation, we will send you a Shiny Show T-shirt.

The Shiny Show with Erik: Auction has begun! Put your bid in now!

The Shiny Show with Our Andy: Auction will start shortly

The Shiny Show Pack: For $150, receive a package filled with The Shiny Show memorabilia including but not limited to a mug, notebook, tote bag, and more.

Choose A Guest: For a $250 donation, you can choose a guest to be channeled and be ON the episode. Keep in mind the Shiny format as we will not channel anything controversial or murdery; we refuse!

*All questions for channelings must be approved before we record.

Simply Donate: It’s easy, just click the button.

We are brainstorming ways in which to acknowledge those who contribute, possibly names on a Shiny Vegas themed T’shirt or in the credits portion of our Vegas Shiny Shows. We truly want to honor those who help us with this journey.

I’ve never done anything like this, I don’t even participate in school fundraisers for my kids. I welcome suggestions for other ways in which to raise money or any questions. Message me on Facebook, Kari Silver Lining Mena, that’s your best bet but I can also be emailed at

Ticket prices for Shiny Does God in Sin City:

1 day……...$150

2 days…….$250

3 days……$375

Reserve your spot before March 1st and save $15/day.

Email Kari Mena to reserve your tickets

Thanks Everyone! Stay Shiny!

To donate or bid (Feel free to help a girl out and share this link all over town.)

To purchase Shiny Does Source In Sin City tickets

Click link (or copy & paste in case I did it wrong; I'm learning!) to see what Alison and I have to say about Round One in a Shiny Chat

FEBRUARY 12, 2017



Shiny Does God In Sin City Tour

What could be more exciting than Kari & Alison together again? YOU can join them. What could be even more exciting than that? Alison is going to CHANNEL SOURCE ENERGY. Can you imagine the juju in that hug? Me first! You can get yours too because The Shiny Sisters are meeting up in Vegas this spring for some on location spirit channeling and healing and you are invited to come along for the ride. This is a onetime opportunity and tickets are limited.

There are 3 days to choose from, or choose them all:

Friday May 12th 4pm-8pm

Saturday May 13th 10am-3pm

Sunday May 14th 10am-3pm

Your invitation awaits to spend an afternoon learning some tricks of the trade, channeling the spirits of Vegas including but not limited to the Original, Original, Gangsters such as Bugsy and Capone, as well as the cast of Oceans 11, both versions, and a healing. Then personal messages from God! He-She loves Vegas!

With your ticket purchase, you will experience the magic of spirit communication through one of the most amazing mediums around, including a live channelling with Prime Source Energy, a meditation with Light Language transmission from a mighty healer, and tools on how you too can communicate with Spirit. Each day we’ll feature something slightly different and even with similar itineraries, no two days will be alike.

Light refreshments will be served.

Ticket prices:

1 day……...$150

2 days…….$250

3 days……$375

Reserve your spot before March 1st and save $15/day.

Email Kari Mena to reserve your tickets

Then pay through this link:

Address questions to

Come one come all for the


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