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A Decision Made

If you follow me on FB, you may have read this story before but it is such a good one, I wanted to include it here as well. My friend from the Joy Ride Radio Show Kerry invited our local Joy Tribe, including her partner Tiffanie, and our friends Sara, Elisa, Emma and her mom Carolina who traveled all the way from Belgium, to a weekend at her beautiful family home in the Hill Country of Texas. Erik said the guides had to work some magic for us to get together on this monumental weekend of love and laughter. We went dancing at Greune Hall where John Travolta did his act as Arch Angel Micheal, we went tubing, we searched for alien crafts in the sky at night, but the highlight was when Emma for her first time, trance channeled Erik. It was something else. Seeing Erik curled up in his mama's arms for a lullaby was too much for this feely girl and I became a puddle of feels. If that weren't enough, I got toexperience a literal life changing moment so lemme go ahead and share it with you.

Storytime. This one starts with The Shiny Show. Last week, Alisonchanneled Future Me. Among other things, Future Kari told me that in the next 24 hours, I would make a decision about a relationship that will create one of two different timelines for myself. As I shared this story with the girls up in New Braunfels, I wondered if I’d notice this decision or not. It was hot up there in Hill Country so we put on our bikinis and went to the river which was just a block or two away. Kerry paddled me on her floaty board while Tiffanie drove the others in the golf cart which also hauled the bulky tubes. I felt like a pirate or maybe Tom Sawyer at the front of Kerry’s floaty board as she steered us towards an island over the clearest water I’ve ever seen. Our friends we’re already floating in tubes as we got there so we docked and climbed in on the other side of the island with our tubes. We connected like atoms and made a big inner tube molecule of Joy while dragonflies took turns landing on us. When we had our fill of floating, we climbed out to dry off. Kerry challenged us to a cannonball competition off the high dive. I was her only taker. I wouldn’t call whatever I did a cannonball but it was fun so I did it again. This time, I made a big production out of my jump and threw my hands up in the air and the minute they hit the water, I felt my wedding ring fly off my finger. I popped up out of the water and announced what had happened and the whole park rallied around with goggles and dove down to search. Though the water was clear, it was deep. By the time you swam down close enough to reach the bottom, you needed to come back up for air. My friends stood on the bridge and searched from above while the local kids continued to dive. “Erik says don’t worry, you will get it back tomorrow,” said Emanuelle while also reminding me to keep the faith so as not to attract and create any other outcome with my fears. I trusted them both and climbed out of the river. Sara had decided to grab Tiffanie’s phone and recorded my fancy jump for laughs. And funny it was. She replayed the jump over and over, back and forth, to pinpoint where I had landed. It made a hilarious GIF. We went back to Kerry’s SUPER INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING home for some dinner and wine. We walked over to the golf course when the stars came out and laid down on a blanket in a circle, our heads together in the center, and invited the aliens to come be flashy at us. They did not disappoint. There were a few planes and helicopters and other familiar lights for us to use as frames of reference. So when that one light went gliding by way too fast and way too smooth, we all caught sight of it. It then went unreasonably bright, dimmed, then turned right at a galactic intersection. (Avery? Was that you? ♡) On our way back to the house, I didn’t remember that the golf course had a curb and decided it went from grass to street. It was dark and when I made that unexpected step down, my ankle twisted under me and I went down hard. I’m not sure what hit the ground first, my face or my knee but I was seeing stars and not sure what had happened. The girls mothered me and patched me back up at home. I began to get dizzy and felt faint. I threw up then felt better. We stayed up too late and watched a movie to make sure I was gonna be ok. I kept not worrying about my ring but on the way to bed that night, I caught myself repeating, “I want my ring back, I wanna stay married. I want my ring back, I wanna stay married.” And it hit me just like the pavement did. That was my decision that would affect a relationship that Future Me had mentioned on Shiny the day before. I am reluctant to share this next part of my story but Erik encouraged me. After Elisa got a snuggle from Erik, I got dry humped by him, hehehehe. He’s my funny sexy bitch. One of the messages he gave me was that I am to break boundaries and to quit hesitating when I tell my stories. It’s part of my mission to share about this shit. For quite some time I have been nudged to recreate a relationship with my husband if we want to stay together. Waking Up is messy work and often times a side effect is no longer vibrating at the same frequency as you once did with others. My husband and I no longer fit together as a traditional married couple but we love our family and we’re both committed to it. We have been at a crossroads and because I am the one evolving and growing so quickly, the decision to stay or go often feels like mine and I haven’t been sure of what feels right. Remember my search for my Wikipedia page? The parallel to that life is the unconventional relationship. According to Voltaire, I am to have a real live 18th century romance just like Wikipedia Me did; Wikipedia Me lived with his lover and her husband. They seemed pretty progressive in some ways back then. I don’t expect my own situation will go that far, but something close with a modern twist perhaps. My guides have been plotting for years to get me to break free of the dogma of how it is we’re taught relationships ought to be. But fuck that, YOU are the creator of your life. I’m very proud of my husband. He’s the kind of person that wants everything to be how it’s “supposed to be”, all the way down the line. But he too feels the difference in us. We love and care about each other. We love our family. We are both willing to do what it takes in order to grow our kids together. We recognize in each other what great parents we are and how we compliment one another. Our kids deserve the best, but so do we so here we are navigating new territory. I have enough messages from Spirit so that even if I become doubtful of our plan, I know it’s my path and I keep the faith. Not only am I to experience, learn, and teach about interdimensional relationships, I am also to do the same with my more human relationships. The world is changing. If I needed another sign beyond Erik’s very direct message, I got one. The next day at Kerry’s when I woke up, I got a call from a local number. “Is this Kari? My name is Sam and I heard about your ring so I got my scuba gear and underwater metal detector and found it. It was exactly where you said it would be [thanks to Sara’s video]. I got your number from the park’s sign in sheet. Can I bring it to you?” And then there it was, back on my finger where it belongs, now symbolizing my commitment to my family.

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