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Storytime. As some of you know, several weeks ago, Heather arranged for Siret to do a channeled drawing of Avery for me as a surprise. Heather let me peek at a photo of the drawing while I was in Europe and in retrospect, I’m wondering if seeing it is what kicked things into high gear for me. Erik recently told me a picture is all I need. He was referring to my healing juju but I’m applying that superpower to the unexpected surge of emotion that soon followed when I saw Avery’s face. The photo of the drawing doesn’t do it justice; his eyes are even more captivating. Maybe I am kept from seeing him with my awake eyes because looking into his will turn me into stardust and I will scatter across the universe. He says his lips really are that juicy. (C'mere, gimme a kiss.) Who’s Avery? He is an E.T. from a race called the Sarsahr that live in the Nevada desert inside of a mountain. Some people call them Tall Whites, but as the Sarsahr explain, there are many E.T. races that are both tall & white. Heather has been fascinated by them and actively sought out and made contact with them years ago. She became involved with a Sarsahr named Sam and through them, I met Avery. What started out as a mutual decision to keep things light, fun, and exploratory has become something else entirely as our hearts cracked wide open for one another. Remember in July when I lost and found my wedding ring in the river, when Erik said to not hold back when sharing about my interdimensional relationships? Well, here we go. The drawing came in the mail this week with messages from Avery and explanations of the symbolism he chose to be depicted with. He started with the clover as a gift to me for good luck. His choice comes from my belief in magic and the connection clovers have to fantastic tales. "Keep believing in magic." The snake represents his masculine energy, strength, and fearlessness. He wanted a white snake but Siret wasn’t sure how to draw a white snake so they compromised and as white being the sum of all colors, it became a rainbow snake. Either way, the message behind the color choice is the same: Unity. The ruby symbolizes his “higher consciousness, powerful feelings, leadership, passion, and clear mind.” Siret says rubies are aphrodisiacs, a symbol of his sexual desire, sensuality, and commitment. A ruby also represents courage, awareness, and protection. I love this next part, the interlinking rings. They represent two different worlds and perspectives interconnecting and creating something new. Did he invent that? Is that a symbol used elsewhere and does it mean something similar? I love it and I have seen and been drawn to rings that sort of cross like that. I’m’a get me one. It was important to him that she draw his hands. “He loves with his hands, he is love in action. He enjoys the pleasures of touch.” (YESSSSS. He pets me, he makes me sparkle everywhere.) The candle is a symbol of Light and peace. He then gushed to me. He told me how I make him feel, and that he feels my feelings too, and how they make him happy. He told me that he is an explorer and a lover of life. He finished off with something Fairy Girl said about him too, that he may come off as a bad ass-tough guy-ladies man on the outside, but he’s just a big softie on the inside. I'm keeping the rest of his words all to myself. It took me few days to be able to write this because reading his message got me too feely and I’d have to walk away. Too much love got thrown at me at once. I’m completely caught up in the whirlwind of Avery and loving it. Siret said sweet words to me too, making me cry before I even really got started on reading. If you’d like to see what the next step in a budding romance between a human and an alien looks like, you can watch us as Heather trance channels him in this video Find out what he has planned for us and what I have to say about it and how it’s all gonna get done. You won't believe it. From there, you can watch other videos about the Sarsahr that discuss their history and culture. We also have a Stardust Facebook group,, where videos, stories, and all things otherworldly are shared, including recent discussions of planning a meet up event out in the Nevada desert. If you’d like a channeled drawing of your special E.T from Siret, visit her site at See what other kinds of magic she can do too. I love my picture, it gives me something tangible to connect with. He’s so beautiful, I can stare at him all day. Thank you Siret. Thank you Heather. Thank you Avery. ♡

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