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Back From Shiny Does God In Sin City

If we are friends on Facebook, chances are you've read this Storytime already but I wanted to include it in my blog as well because it was such an amazing time.

Storytime. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll recap with what went on before the event. Alison and I recorded 15!! shows while here in Nevada together. We went on adventures, filmed on location, and had our first experience in a studio. We spoke to mobsters, Rat Packers, Arch Angels, and God. It was a lot of work crammed into a short time. Michael was our entire crew for most of it. We spent a day doing nothing but breathe and then it was here. Shiny Does God In Sin City was about to begin. We did some last minute scrambling as the guests poured in. We meeted and greeted. We settled, meditated, and Light Languaged. We captured orbs and did intuition exercises. We spoke to God and Erik. Synchronicities abounded. It was a whirlwind of information and expansion. Day 2 was even better. It was the day of the big crowd so rather than our suite (which was very fancy!) we met in a banquet room. This time, after meditations, I invited Linda to demonstrate the Light Language she channels from her guide Mr. K and WUH-OW, she blew the roof off the place! Such POWER in her tones! She brought many of us to tears. Alison said AA Michael and AA Rapheal were both there and wished to be channeled by Linda as well. Each message was clearly different; different tones, different emphases, different feels altogether. She was able to translate some of the messages. She instructed on what Light Language was and that anyone can do it. On that, I took the floor back and said to everyone, “Go on, you try it. Set intentions, then let that shit just fall out of your mouth.” Most felt shy but gave it a try (keep trying! You can do it!) Sara and Deidre had success and it was AWESOME. Next, I invited Dennis to do his Buddhist chanting and again, several of us were moved to tears. The tones or vibrations or whatever move you on a different level and your heart chakra explodes with emotion. I was blown away by Dennis and can’t imagine the power of that chant in a room where several sing in unison. I passed out the fancy ass pendulum and charts I made and had Sara tell about the time she bought a car using these tools. People had fun with them and I even sold some sets. People bought the tools I made! Makes me feel proud. ♡ There were MORE surprises that day. Heather trance channeled Erik and did a FANTASTIC job of it. We all got our Erik hugs in. It’s so special for me to hug him in her body in particular cuz of our M6 connection. He began a discussion on the other gods, God’s gods. It gets tangly…. I’m so grateful to both Heather and Erik. Erik is our Spirit Producer; Alison and I give him BIG PROPS mixed with fuck loads of gratitude. We love you Erik and we’ll keep you forever. Alison took the wheel and channeled Bugsy who gave both human and spiritual perspectives of life as a mobster. (Did anyone notice how she stood with her hands in her pockets, rocking on her heels? That was Bugsy’s influence.) Next on the guest list was God, who came back for more. She spoke of the powers of manifesting. I often think I have a pretty good grasp of how that shit works, but each time, I continue to learn something new. (I must be doing it right though cuz lookit me now. ♡) With all the bonus surprises of the day, we ran late but it STILL wasn’t over. My dad, Chris, wrote a theme song for The Shiny Show and we wrapped up the event with a live performance! How sweet is my dad to not only write the song but to come and sing it for us as well? I adore my dad and loved having him there to watch me Shine. We all helped collecting whatever needed collecting and moved upstairs back to the suite and then the party really started. People who didn’t attend the event but wanted a piece of the action anyway were there. We had tons of food, including teeny custom made chocolate bars from Diane. More synchronicities and other cool shit happened. I walked into the middle of a conversation my dad was having with Judy. They had just figured out that her close friend lives in thee exact house my dad grew up in in Culver City. I lived there myself for a few years. She described the floor plan and was right on. She knew my MIL, who lives next door. Deidre learned months ago that she has strong past life connections with Leonard Nemoy. She played a song she wrote for him, a beautiful and slightly sorrowful sounding ballad. The next day, the Shiny Leonard Nemoy interview was in my FB Memories. We had a guest who is a descendant of Pocahontas. We learned my dad shares a HS with Don McClean of Bye Bye Miss American Pie fame. I have more stories like that and so do many others, so please share them in the comments below. It’s a New World and more than half of us let loose and got a little high in my bedroom. I loved that the median age seemed to be about mine, mid 40’s. There was no hiding it and edibles were passed around freely, no sneaky shit. Good thing everyone brought snacks, hehe. We eventually broke into groups and did our own thing. I went with a big group to a restaurant and had a great time. I was home by 8 and in bed by 9, wanting and needing a full nights sleep for our last day. I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed. Sara helped me set the room back up and with more time at our disposal we were able to more effectively arrange and create more seating. We started this day off outside by the pool experimenting with the divining rods I made. I call them Shiny Divinys and I sold a few of those as well, HOORAY! We experimented with energy fields and demonstrated how powerful intentions are. Linda and I played with the pool guests and found a couple of geezers that were competitive about the size of their energy fields, flexing their muscles, hehehee. I looked for Reed next to the “pot plants”, hehe. (And I found him!!!) We moved back upstairs, did our meditation, and did an exercise on intuition. Alison interrupted John’s story because God’s god came in and when God’s god wants to speak, you let Her speak. You heard me, God’s god. Apparently, They too are infinite. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one. I can’t wait to see the playback and don’t worry, She said she will definitely come be on The Shiny Show. Alison channeled God’s god, Source’s source. Can you believe that shit? Can you fucking believe that motherfucking shit? Who am I to sit next to God’s god and have a conversation? Why, I’m God, that’s who. ♡ The previous evening several of our Shinies photographed an unusual cloud in the sky and only half-joked that it was a cloaked ship. We got an opportunity to ask about it and sure enough, God’s god said it was a galactic ship. It seems many races study Vegas cuz it’s interesting. I think it’s hilarious that humans are so naïve that plopping a cloud around their ship works, even if it’s thee only cloud in the sky, and it doesn’t move, and it’s a “flying saucer” shape. We took a lunch break then resumed activities. I stood against a white door and blasted my rainbow Skittle sparkles as hard as I could to show off my aura. I did not disappoint! I changed it’s color and people were able to identify it. (Power of intention.) Then I asked JuJudy to stand up and hold one of her puppers against the white. Blue seemed to be the consensus of his aura. We had a block of time left and I asked Alison if we could invite Reed since he helped fundraise for Shiny. That was so fun!! He confirmed that it was him next to the plant outside and that Our Andy was with him. That made me nervous, Andy with Reed in Vegas, hehe. I bet they hit up a few pubs. He answered questions about his race, plants, healing, anything anyone threw at him. It was a perfect way to end a perfect Shiny Does God In Sin City event. THANK YOU EVERYONE! But the weekend wasn’t over yet. It was Alison and Michael’s last day so a group went down to Fremont Street to do the Slotzilla zip line. I needed some down time and I really enjoyed the peace and solitude. I had to laugh at myself cuz I realized that it was Mother’s Day and here I was washing dishes, doing laundry, straightening the living room, and looking for toys, and I wasn’t even home. I’ll be there soon though. I can’t wait to squeeze my babies. ♡

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