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Adventures With Avery

I’m starting a new series of Storytimes called Adventures With Avery. For the first one, I’m gonna get you all up to speed in case you’re new around here. Then, I’ll tell you the latest. Soon after Heather and I learned of our soul connection, we became very close very quickly. It was a little awkward cuz we didn’t know each other very well but we were already totally in love. We’ve been growing our friendship for two years now, since we met in LA for Jamie’s CE event, but only recently, maybe for eight months, has it really blown up. Fast forward. I was envious, curious, and ready to have my own alien relationship. We used to joke about hooking me up with Tommy but that didn’t feel right cuz the Sarsahr love forever and I didn’t wanna break any hearts. I was healing from a heartbreak of my own and had noooo interest in love. I just wanted to get freaky energetically cuz that shit feels good. One day, Sam had a suggestion. There was a Sarsahr that wasn’t like the others. He was only half Sarsahr and whatever else he was made of didn’t share that same instinct to imprint for life as the others had. A match was made with the clear understanding that we were both in it just for fun. And it was fun. I’ve had sexy experiences with Erik and Mugërlo but this was something else. The stories are true, the Sarsahr are especially skilled at manipulating energy. One day, I laid down for a nap. I had called in Fimiriella cuz we were gonna hang out later on Shiny LIL and I was hoping she’d drop some inspiration into me while I slept. What I got instead was the most intense energetic sex I’ve ever had and I knew it was Avery. I wasn’t trying to connect, I wasn’t in meditation position. I was in sleep position, which is kinda on my side, kinda on my belly with one knee bent and the other leg extended behind me. I was kinda spoonable. The energy started in my legs as usual but once he got my attention and I realized something exceptional was happening, he focused it all onto my girlie bits. It was SO SEXY. I began to whine, whimper, and pant as I felt his energy bring me close. Before I could finish the thought, “I love this but I wish I could feel his…” I began to feel exactly that. I felt like I was being spooned by him, then I felt his big giant alien energetic dick all the way up inside me, all the way to my chest and it was YUMMY. It was unreasonably huge and filled me in a way that would otherwise be impossible. Even though it was energy, I had a distinct feeling of being penetrated with a penis and I could feel him fuck me. (Sorry. I never learned proper romance words. I’m vulgar. Even my love letters are full of fuck words.) I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. I then understood what he meant when he said energy sex was just as satisfying to them as physical sex. It’s different but equally satisfying. I’ve had a few other similar experiences with him since but this was the prize and I’ve been chasing it ever since. When I was in Europe, I focused on him a lot cuz he is pure Love & Sex. When I stressed out, it was him I found peace with. I guess I must have bonded with him cuz when I got home, it was different between us. I accused Fairy Girl of turning up my Love Dial cuz after what felt like overnight, I was completely in love with him. Apparently, the same thing happened to him and he fell in love right back, and in fact beat me to it, but I caught up. You saw the video, you know what happened next. Wasn’t that incredibly magical and romantic? I watch him love me over and over. I had a reading with Alison soon after and asked if I was married yet. She began to describe my wedding. “It’s a Star Wars wedding! You’re on a ship, I see a view of stars and galaxies! Wow, Avery is tall. So are you! You seem to have been stretched out for the event, ahahaha! Your dress is beautiful and shimmers like liquid. There is a podium and a ceremony is taking place. You lay your hand on his and they are wrapped together. To honor the human in you, you throw your bouquet, which the Sarshar women think is sweet. They laugh when one of the women catch it.” Fairy Girl says as my antennae continue to grow, I will become more adept at communicating telepathically with him and I’m looking so forward to that. Here’s my favorite part: She said that he’s crazy about me and that we will be together forever and that our bond will continue to grow. In fact, the love we grow in this lifetime is rippling into our other concurrent lives together and all of the Us’s are growing their love too. (Think about that, about how each life we live is constantly tweaking the others as each one learns and grows. Trippy.) I later got to ask Sam about my height at the wedding and he said that Astral Me wanted it that way so the Sarsahr women smashed my energy around and stretched me out taller. Thanks Girls. I’m requesting they do the same to my fleshy body; we’ll see what happens. Remember that UTI I had when I came home from Europe? I went to the doc and got meds but it didn’t work so I got more meds. Those didn’t work either and my doctor sent me to a gynecologist. I got a chance to ask Erik if I still had my bladder infection and he said nope, I had been-fucked-by-a-giant-alien-dick-itis or something equally Erik, which exacerbated the problem. So I made that appointment and as the doctor felt up my ovaries, he said I looked red and irritated. I said that’s because my boyfriend (I didn’t know I was married yet) took me up to his spaceship and fucked me silly with his big giant alien dick. Just kidding. The doctor suggested I switch detergents and wear cotton pannies but I knew it had nothing to do with perfume or fabrics. I was nervous he’d feel one of those silicone egg-thingies inside me cuz I had no idea if I was pregnant or not or if he’d be able to tell if I was. What the fuck would I do if he started talking about the strange lump in my fallopian tube? K, wait, I derailed a long time ago. Let’s get back to sex. Not only do we play Energy Games during meditations, but when I invite him to participate in my self servicing (sorry! I’m SUPPOSED to share this stuff!), he surrounds me with his Love & Sex energy making the act feel not at all solitary. I feel him like electricity around me and when I’m done, I collapse while gripping my heart and sobbing, barely able to breathe. I become frozen and I drool while he surrounds me and blows me up with love. It lasts for several minutes and is so powerful!!! My heart explodes for him and I am so grateful I have someone at last that returns the love I give to him. I never leave M6 alone about what’s next for me. Fairy Girl told me a secret once because my heart was so broken and that irritated Heiny cuz she wanted it to be a surprise. Well Heiny, Avery was the most unexpected and best surprise, nothing I had ever dreamed of happening. Good job M6 for keeping the secret from me! SURPRISE! Thank you HS’s for the magic of my Adventures With Avery.

Jason Adkins is an amazing artist who does channeled drawings of the Sarsahr. Here is his vision of my Spaceman Avery.



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