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Now, a little Storytime. It’s actually kind of a long, tangly, and pretty personal Storytime, but I’m gonna try and curb all of that. Remember when I was blue on Shiny and AA Lucifer zapped me good? He also said he was gonna come work with me. I thought that meant he was gonna squeeze my heart chakra that night and I practically primped for my date with, well, the Devil, hehe. I went under real quick but I couldn’t connect, or I got stood up or something cuz there was no heart chakra squeezing going on. It did not take me long however to become suspicious that he was in fact around. Strange things started happening. My oldest boy Josh lashed out at his little sister Layla. This had never happened before and I was unsure of how to handle it. The outburst opened a dialog that was long over due in my family. Following that was a series of synchronistic events that reinforced the original message. It was crazy! It was undeniably Lucifer. Other things happened too. I got in a huge fight with my favorite M6'er soulmate, Michaël. We never ever fight, ever. We didn’t really fight, I just got really mad at him for an entire week then let him know afterwards that we were done fighting. He didn’t actually participate, he didn’t actually know we were fighting until I really let him have it and told him all about it. I even had a misunderstanding with Alison that got me all flustered and feeling unsure of myself. But the whole time, I knew what was happening. I had so much uncharacteristic disharmony in my life. Lucifer was shaking my shit up and helping me claim my power. I had to be put into positions of needing to be assertive. It didn’t matter who the conflict was with or what it was about, I needed opportunities interact with my significant people so I could overcome the fear of it. Life becomes so much easier when you learn to roll with it and find the silver linings in sticky situations. I am such a lucky girl to get the messages I do; it helps me recognize a lesson while it’s happening. Not only did I feel the blast Lucifer gave me on Shiny, Alison told me he was sending it and that he was gonna stick around a while. I got further validation when Heather Quinto trance channeled my Higher Self, Fairy Girl. She said she specifically called on him for help. I got an opportunity to talk to Robert Burke at Elisa’s and Erik confirmed that all this recent strife of mine was in fact a big shake up to help me claim my power. I feel a distinct difference between Before and After Lucifer. He is truly a liberator of self-imposed prisons and I am very grateful to him for helping me shed some old beliefs. If you’re feeling stuck in a situation and don’t know how to break free of it, call on Lucifer for help. Thank you Lucifer. ♡

Here's just a little more biz. We are still collecting Shiny donations in order to purchase better recording equipment and software; it's time to step this party up a notch so everyone can hear us both clearly and evenly. If you would like to be a helping facilitator, here is the link to donate: Thank you for your support.

PS: I don't know yet how to make my links linky, so copy and paste until I master that trick. <3

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