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I offer but one service, energy healing, which can include chakra balancing, third eye activation, repairing a bum knee, anything really.  Energy is like magic!  Through intention and belief and with assistance from our guides, we can heal from anything whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  The possibilities for healing are endless.  

Sessions last for approximately 30 minutes, however some have reported feeling the energy continue for up to two hours.  The rate is $50.00 per 30 minute session, or three 30 minute sessions for $100.


To set up an appointment, your best bet is to message me on Facebook or by text, 832.326.0563. 


I also check my email daily.  


You can click the link below or go directly to your PayPal account and make payments to mine, which is my email address

I look forward to our spin.

Pay here



One 30 minute session



 Three 30 minute sessions


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