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“My amazing journey with Kari started with body sensations-back, neck, arms-and an all over feeling of heaviness, like I weighed 7,000 lbs. and couldn’t move...Swirling visuals of a desert topography began, I saw Kari with a bunch of lions, all peering down into a hole in the ground as if they were seeing through to another dimension...I felt totally energized after, it was just truly incredible! ”


“My hat and sock off to Kari, I have not felt that kind of energy work since sessions with Audie. It started right away, with tingling in my lower legs, then the sensation moved upwards. I saw purple, then orange, I felt sacral chakra work being done. My hands and legs began to twitch. I felt several, maybe five, intense waves of energy in my upper chest. My session continued for 1 hour, 14 minutes”

— Jenny


“I had my session with Kari this morning, and what an adventure it was! I was feeling the energy, knew our energies were working together because I felt the familiar tornado-like movement in my hands. Everything got black as if it were a backdrop. A fairy appeared in front of my forehead, suspended like a hummingbird, and I thought to myself, “My god! You’re real!”. Kari focused on my throat; it has been sore due to allergies, but after the session, it feels better. Kari is a Rock Star!.”

“Kari did a healing on me for my rotten cold. I had an amazing 3rd eye experience, something I have wanted for sooooo long. During the session, I could see/feel/hear Audie coaching her on how to do some of the healing techniques, which confirmed to me that Audie continues to work with us in developing our skills, as well as continues to heal us. It was so freaking cool, I wrote to her right away, telling her all about the LSD trip/meditation she took me on. Figures an experience like that would involve her!”



“Weeeeelllllll, my spin with Fairy Kari was surreal. It started before she did, and ended about 30 minutes after she stopped....whoooosh....Immediately, my hands got extemely warm, I felt vibrations in my chest area. Colors were doing spirals and faces began appearing, mostly alien in appearance. Twitches were not pronounced, yet were there. When my session was over, I got up, then WHAM, back down I went for another 30 minutes, Their work on me not quite done! Thank you Fairy Kari. What a great experience and gift! Namaste.”


“My session with Kari was soooo powerful! I had the feeling of being ensconced in a warm blanket. I felt as if I were under surgery on my solar plexus, it was so intense. I felt a constant pressure on the backs of my ears, my temples, and my forehead. I felt weight on my heart chakra. I got an image of a teenage girl in a yellow jumper and blue skirt. Kari’s energy was so smooth, I slid right into it without any effort. I was in it for about 40 minutes, and woke up feeling so free and light! Thank you Kari, that was very intense and amazing and I am very grateful to have felt your beautiful energy!”


Kari Baby, you got this, wwwoooowwww!! There was strong tingling, first the legs, then all over body. Then legs and arms jerking, body jerks too, fascinating. A new sound appeared, something inbetween a choir and tinnitus—soothing. Next, the colors and lights...swirling, dancing together, like yin & yang. Some small blue lights, like fireflies. Then a strong warm feeling around my root/belly chakra, and my lips vibrating and numb. I felt surrounded and protected in a warm blanket/cocoon of pink and golden light. I wanted to give something back and focused in my heart to send love, confidence and empowerment to Kari. Appearantly, I blacked out, and woke up two hours later from one of the best and deepest sleeps I’ve had in months. Thank you for the incredible spin! Amazing!”


“I had a phenomenal session with Kari. I felt this pressure on my temple, and my leg began to twitch. I could see these amazing colors, purples and oranges, greens and blues, all dancing with each other, it was so cool. I fell into such a peaceful meditative state. My whole body felt warm, like I was getting angel hugs, and I felt so safe and protected. I felt like my soul lifted out of my body, as if I were floating 4 inches above my bed. I felt as though Kari were working on me with tools, fixing my organs, as if I were a house being renovated. It got to be too intense, and I slipped out on purpose early, but it was a good 20 minutes of solid bliss.”

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