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About Me and My Healing

    Why "Silver Lining"?

For as long as I can remember I've always tried to find the shiny side of every situation.  I'm a glass half full kind of girl.  When it seems as though an injustice has occurred, I turn it around and find a benefit.  The Universe throws shit at us not to be dicky but to offer opportunities to learn.  I choose to not squander these opportunities and recognize them for the opportunities they are.  Silver lining?  Once you figure out the lessons and learn from them, The Universe no longer presents them to you.    

  What Exactly Do I Do?

Before I began, I really didn't know how to send healing energies. I would often ask my friend and mentor Audie Heron, who transitioned in 2015, what it was exactly that he did.  I pictured him as The Sorcerer, shooting lightning bolts from his fingertips.  He used to get a kick out of that.  Ironically, it's me who looks like a character from Fantasia, maybe a twirling whirling dancing hippo.  Let's switch movies as I prefer to see myself as Tinkerbell scattering fairy dust. 

I call my method "spinning," for in my visualizations, I take each chakra in my hands and spin it, spin it, spin it until it shines bright and is clear of any dust and grime.  Once I have the chakras polished and spinning, I focus on problem areas whether it be a health issue or a desire to open one's third eye - anything really. 

Here is a video with Metranon & Enoch explaining more about my healing

  What Exactly Do You Do?

During your session, you may listen to a favorite meditation or find a peaceful place in which you won't be disturbed.  Grab your crystals!  Set intentions and call on your guides to assist.  Then relax.  You may or may not feel the energy, but be assured that you ARE receiving.  

If you are curious as to what to expect, take a look at the testimonials of some of my clients and don't forget to watch the AA Metatron episode of The Shiny Show.  

Come on, let me take you for a spin!  

  What Else Do I Do?

Besides my work as a healer and host of both The Shiny Show and Stardust, and teller of stories, I am a stay home mom of three.  I used to think that my greatest purpose, with the help of my husband Robert, was to raise my children and teach them to be happy, kind, and productive, but this experience of Waking Up has taught me that if anything is true, it's that I learn more from my kids than from anyone else.  I must be doing something right as a mom because my kids are the most conscientious and loving beings I know.  

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