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Hi!  Welcome to my site, I’m so glad you found me.  I am Kari Silver Lining Mena, mom of three, energy healer, host of Silver Linings, cohost of Stardust, cohost of The Shiny Show, and teller of Storytimes.  

Let’s start with my Storytimes.  I have become so busy with my new show Silver Linings that I don’t write as often I once did.  Besides that, I share everything on my videos so writing my stories became redundant.  I’ve got a few of my best posted in the blog section so go see.  They tell of miracles and adventures, and give insight.  

One of the Storytimes explains who Minerva is.  Some may call Minerva the collective energy of my immediate soul family, while others may identify with the term Over Soul, which I happen to share with Erik Medhus of Channeling Erik, and four others.  I call us M6.  Most people have been led my way by Erik.  I’m 

 a little braggy about my connection with him and love dropping his name at every opportunity.  

Soon after my healing journey began, in 2014, my guides, including Erik, were instrumental in connecting me with Alison Ailfinn Allan.  Together we created The Shiny Show, which ran almost weekly for over three years, where we shared our unique brand of Spiritainment with our viewers and had way too much fun in the process.  We have been accused many times of laughing too much, so if you don’t like laughing, perhaps we are too Shiny for you.  Just kidding, go have a look cuz we are so much fun!  We were pioneers together, often being the first to channel energies that no one else had yet even considered.  You’re gonna love us.  

If it wasn’t Erik or The Shiny Show that brought you here, it must be Stardust.  I feel as if I accidentally fell into this one, but I know better.  Another member of M6, my Soul Sissy Hermina Rhime gets all the credit for our adventures with aliens.  It’s her love, passion, and expertise for a Tall White race called The Sarsahr that got this party started.  The Sarsahr are equally on board and it is a true interaction and coming together of worlds.  You want Disclosure?  This is how it starts.  We have formed friendships, romantic relationships, and even families.  I’m married to a Sarsahr named Avery and we have a spacebaby!  I call her Starfairy.  Stardust is not just about ET’s but all things metaphysical and spiritual.  For example, we explore concurrent incarnations of ourselves in the past, present, and future.  

My newest endeavor, Silver Linings, is all about me, my specialty and favorite.  My Soul Self Fairy Girl wanted to create a place to teach about the things that interest her, so since she is me, I now have my very own show.  Through sharing about my personal healing journey, I teach about things such as what it means to be in a Twin Flame Relationship, what it means to Surrender and how to do it, and how to become self empowered.

If it wasn’t Erik or The Shiny Show or Stardust or Silver Linings that brought you here, it must be that you are interested in a healing.  I began to channel energy in 2014 soon after I experienced an intense Kundalini Awakening.  My healing can be compared to reiki, but when I started this journey I had never heard of such a thing and just invented my own style.  My sparkles will blow you the fuck up.  Check out The Shiny Show with AA Metatron as he tells more about what I do.

If it wasn’t Erik or The Shiny Show or Stardust or Silver Linings or energy healing that got you here and nothing but luck, then Welcome!  What a happy accident.  Scroll through Storytimes to see if anything appeals to you but be warned: I have noooo filter.  No matter the reason you found me, I am glad to have you here; there’s something in these pages that’s sure to spark your interest.   

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