Kari Silver Lining  Mena


I began to channel energy from Spirit in 2014, first by receiving through meditation and then by sending; my technique very unconventional but nevertheless, quite effective.

My spiritual journey began in 2003, the death of my cousin being the catalyst.  It wasn't until over a decade later - when I discovered Erik Medhus of Channeling Erik - that my real journey began...in hyper drive.  I believe that one of the purposes for Erik's communication with me was to connect me to my mentor and now guide in spirit, Audie Herron.  Through his meditations I began to heal both physically and emotionally.  I lost weight effortlessly, literally shedding emotional baggage.  I no longer need most of my medications.  The result I am most grateful for is my Awakening.  It is my intention to use my gift to heal and create wellness in others.  I am a work in progress, continuing to self-heal and increase my energy output while assisting others in their journeys toward all-encompassing health and well-being.